Learner Licence Renewal online in Pondicherry | Expire Learner Licence reissue Pondicherry

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Renewal of Learners Licence Pondicherry: You have learner licence and 6 month complete then you need to renewal of your learner licence. learner licence is very importance for permanent driving licence. you should apply for permanent driving licence before expire learner licence. learner licence is valid 6 month. After 6 month you can apply for reissue learner licence. if your learne licence expire don’t worry, apply for reissue learner licence this process show in this post.

Learner Licence Renewal in Pondicherry

If your learning licence expire then do not need to will take computer test for driving licence in Pondicherry, direct apply for renewal of learner licence. apply for renewal of learning licence is very easy process, First visit parivahan.gov.in website and select your state. Select menu to Learner Licence to Select Expired Learners Licence Issue Again Option , after enter your learner licence number and date of birth and pay renewal of learner licence fees. Your Can Renew for Expired Learners Licence you Can Pay 150/- for Expired Learners Licence ReIssue.

Producer of apply Learner Licnece Renewal in Pondicherry

If your Learner License is Expired, you do not need to worry about learner licence, no need to apply for new learner licence. I will guide you to step by step how to renewal expired Learners License. follow below step :

  • In Learning Licence Menu >> Select Expired Learners Licence Again Issue Option
  • Then after Entering Your Learners License Number and Date Of Birth ( DOB)
  • Then After Goto to Next Level for OTP Verification in your Register Mobile Number
  • Now pay learner licence payment

How to Pay Online Payment for Renewal of Learner Licence in Pondicherry ?

Your Can Renew for Expired Learners Licence you Can Pay 150/- for Expired Learners Licence ReIssue. follow below step :

  • Now select menu to fees payment
  • Enter Your Learner License Application Number and Birth of Date

3. Pay LL Again Issue fees online Via Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking or UPI 

4. You Can Pay 150/- feesfor expired learners licence again issue.

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