Download Learning License (LLR) Test Syllabus book PDF

LLR stands for learning licence. Learner Licence is temporary driving licence, it means you applied for driving licence, you can drive with this licence but learer licence valide online 6 month and this is not permanently driving licence. after 1 month you got learner driving licence you can apply for permanently driving licence. Before apply to learner licence need to Preparation of computer exam test. RTO Computer test is compulsory for all who want to apply for driving licence in India. Before taking computer exam, know that Why a computer exam is necessary because Anyone who want a Lerner license has to pass a computer exam. Lerner’s license is obtained after passing the computer exam so must pass computer exam. The computer exam asks all the questions related to road safety and road signal. before taking RTO computer exam, you need to read all signal or RTO road low. This post will provide information on how to give an RTO Computer exam online in sarthi parivahan website.

Download Learning License ( LLR) Test Syllabus Book PDF

You can download learning licence test syllabus book pdf click here : download PDF.

15 questions are asked in RTO computer exam if pass this test and you will got a learner licence. without pass exam you do not get learner licence. Ask question in exam is traffic police rules related and traffic signal rules. Learner Licence Before taking the online exam, you have to make an online appointment for the computer test on the Sarathi Parivahan Gov In website. In the apartment, you have to decide the date, time, and date.

When you appear for the Computer Based test for your Learner License after successfully passing the above test, there will be certain questions in front of you that you have to answer one by one. 

This Computer Based test is basically a multiple choice question test for which you have to tick mark “one” out of the four options available. Click next as and when you complete each question. 

Some computer based test questions asked on RTO

  1. This ¤sign belongs to
  • Stop 
  • No parking
  • Hospital ahead

Here you are being asked about a “red colored” sign that belongs to? 

  1. On a road which has been designated as one way
  • Parking is strictly prohibited
  • Overtaking is strictly prohibited
  • Should not drive in reverse gear
  1. How can you differentiate a transport vehicle?
  • By having a look at their tyre size.
  • By having a look at the colour of the vehicle.
  • By looking at the number plate of the vehicle.

So, these are some of the questions that you may be asked at the Computer Based test for your learner license. Apart from this, you can also download PDF. Here, you can see a wide list of the number of questions that are asked during a Computer Based test of your learner licence test.

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