How to Prepare for Learner Licence Test | RTO LLR test Practice

In The learner’s license test you are tested for your knowledge related to traffic rules and the various signboards. You should also know about various offenses related to the traffic rules. An individual needs to know about these so there is less chance of traffic rules being violated and hence fewer chances of accidents.

Yes, you can practice mock test here (sample set of questions) here:-
1. Visit
2. Select concerned state
3. Select “Mock Test for Learners’ License” from “Learner License” menu

Requirements For Passing The Exam

In the learner’s license test, you get a set of 20 questions and you need to have a minimum of 12 of them right, to clear the exam. If you are not able to clear it, you have multiple attempts to try. There is no limit to the attempts and thus there is no need to panic about these tests.

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