Search Vehicle Owner Details by Number Plate | Find Vehicle Info by Vehicle Registration Number in India Online

Find vehicle chassis number | Find Vehicle owner details online | vahan details check online using vahan parivhan website

You can know the details of your vehicle from the chassis number, The chassis number is printed by the manufacturer and get all details about vehicle such as year of manufacture, company name, model number, engine number, fuel types and etc. if you want to know real details of vehicle then you check your vehicle chassis number. in this post guide to all question like a how to check vehicle details online ?, How to find vehicle details by register number or number plate ?, How to check fuel type of vehicle online ?, Check owner name by number plate?.

Find (Search) Vehicle Owner Details by Number Plate

Vehicle Search – It provides a nationwide search over the digitized data of Registered Vehicles. View the details of Registered Vehicles online.

  • Registration No either full or partial
  • Chassis No
  • Engine No
  • Body Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Color
  • Name of Manufacturer
  • Make/Model etc.

VAHAN Services on vahan parivahan website provide online

officeal website of VAHAN is and Below is a list of services that you can do online usinf VAHNA website.

  • Vehicle Registration
    • New Vehicle Registration
    • Renewal of Registration
    • Transfer of Ownership
    • Change of Address etc.
  • Permit
    • Issue of National & Interstate Permit
    • Renewal of Permit
  • Taxes
    • State-wise tax calculation & Payment
  • Fitness
    • Issue of Fitness Certificate
    • Renewal of Fitness Certificate
  • Enforcement
    • Issue of Challan
    • Settlement of Penalty Amount

step by step process to find Vehicle Info by Vehicle Registration Number (License Plate) in India Online

Owner Details by Number Plate

As soon as you click on the official link, you will see the above page gets opened right in front of your eyes. 

Owner Details by Number Plate

Since, you are very much familiar with the registration number of the vehicle, you have to enter the registration number of the vehicle now. For that you have to click on “know your vehicle details”. Once you have clicked on “know your vehicle details”, a page with “vehicle registration status” or “know your RC status* gets opened. Now, enter your Vehicle Number and solve an expression and click on “Search Vehicle”. 

Owner Details by Number Plate
  • Just after you have successfully entered the details of the registration number of the car or any other vehicle, you will be able to see the vehicle owner details now.
  • Now, you can easily see the vehicle details which are presently showing in the registering authority. Search details include the following:-
  1. Registration number
  2. Registration date
  3. Engine number
  4. Chassis number
  5. Name of the owner
  6. Vehicle class 
  7. Maker / Model 
  8. Fitness Upto 
  9. insurance Upto 
  10. Emission norms 
  11. Financed
  12. Type of Fuel
  13. PUCC Upto 
  14. RC Status

So these are the details that you can easily get with the help of a vehicle registration number in India online. It is also to be noted here, that this content/ detail can be removed from this portal at any time as per the directions of the ministry of road transport and highways. 

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