Top 10 highest paid government job in India

Top 10 highest paid government job in India

The Top 10  highest paying jobs in Govt sector are in PSU (ONGC, IOCL, GAIL, BHEL, CIL, SAIL, NTPC) and IAS officer,

Cabinet Secretary in Government of India is highest paid Government job. The entire salary of all other Government servants are fixed only below his salary. The President of India and PM, Ministers salary are all not to be taken as Government job. But, all other jobs are only next to Cabinet Secretary. The present salary of Cabinet Secretary is Rs.90,000/- fixed. All others follow his salary. But, you cannot directly get appointed as Cabinet Secretary. The well experienced IAS Officer would be CS

List Of Highest Paid Government Job in india

1. PSU Jobs
Public sector jobs in oil companies like HP, BP are very lucrative and you make maximum amount of money. Perhaps this is the only job in public sector where salary is so high.
Monthly Salary:
2. Civil Service Officer – IAS Officer
Civil service jobs are the most prestigious one and they are well paid also. IAS officer enjoy a good amount of salary and many other privileges.
You could try your best to become one of these.
3. Indian Revenue Service
An officer in Indian revenue service is responsible for collecting tax money. So his job is also well paid compared to other government jobs.
4. Scientists
Scientists in organizations like ISRO, DRDO are well paid. They work for the government and government take care of their every need. Apart from pay and perks they are accommodated in big homes.
Their salary is really good.
5. Doctors
Doctors or surgeons in government hospitals like AIIMS, APOLO and others are also highly paid. There salary is no less than a salary of a private hospital.
This is another exciting government job.
6. University Professors
Deemed universities like IITs, IISc, NIITs and other universities have a great faculty. Professors and lectures there are well played.
Your job could be exciting as well.
National Thermal Power Corporation is responsible for generating electricity for the country. If you are an engineer there you could receive a great salary.
8. Defense Jobs
Defense jobs in Indian Army, Navy and air force are also well paid among government jobs. Thousands of young students all over the country apply for defense jobs.
They have to clear exams like NDA or CDS. Salary and other facilities are very good.
9. Indian Coast Guard
Indian coast guard or ICG is like our Indian Navy. The salary and other perks are very high. This job is also among one of the highest paying jobs in Sarkari Naukri.
10. Railway Engineers
Railway engineers are considered to be best paid compared to other engineering jobs in public sector. Moreover, railway engineering jobs are available in large number. So you can apply for them according to your qualification.

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