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Update RC Book : Sometimes, we come across certain situations in our life time-to-time, when we are compelled to change/ update our mobile number in vehicle RC. The need to change the mobile number arises when either we have changed our contact number or maybe some other reason as well. Also, as per the New Motor Vehicles Act 2019 with effect from 1st of September 2019, it has also been made mandatory for all the Vehicle owners by the Indian Government to update  Mobile number in Vehicle Registration number (RC)

Change/Update RC Book (Vehicle Registration) Mobile Number Online

Now, the point is we want to update the mobile number in Vehicle Registration but are not at all aware of how to do it? In this article, we are going to present before you a step by step guide showing the clear steps to change the mobile number online in Vehicle Registration.

If you need to change your mobile number that is linked with the Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC), you can easily do it online, using these steps:

Change Mobile Number Linked to Vehicle Registration | Online Update Mobile number in RC Book (2021) at Parivahan Seva

Let us have a look at the easiest steps given below:-

rc book
  • Once the site gets open in front of you, you can see various headings, you need to click Online Services.
rc book
  • In the “online services” section, you can again see a lot of options open in front of you once you click it. Click on Vehicle Related Services and proceed further.

Using Parivahan Seva Portal to Change or Update Vehicle Registration (RC) Mobile Number

(process continued from above)

rc book
  • Just after you have chosen “Vehicle Related Services”, the above screen immediately gets opened in front of you. Here, you can see 2 options in front of you. The first one is for Delhi & Sikkim State and the other one is for the Other States.

If you are from a state other than Delhi & Sikkim, choose the “other states” option and proceed further.

rc book
  • Once the above page gets opened, click on Update Mobile Number.
  • After clicking on Update Mobile Number, the list of states having mobile number facility pops up in front of you. These are the states for which the facility is available for. If you find your state name, then proceed with yes.
rc book
  • After you have found out your state and proceeded successfully, now comes the turn to update your Mobile number in Vehicle Registration. The details that you need to fill in are: Your car’s Registration/ Vehicle No., Full Chassis No. and your Vehicle’s Engine No. After you have filled in all the 3 blanks, click on “show details”. After the details shown, you can update/ change your mobile number in Vehicle Registration easily.

Online Vehicle Registration Mobile Phone Number Change Service (for Delhi & Sikkim only)

If you are from Delhi & Sikkim, choose the “Delhi & Sikkim State” option and proceed further.

update rc book
  • The next step is to register by entering the following details such as Full Name, Email ID, Mobile Number and select state and Register now. Once registered the login details will be sent to your email id. Grab the details from your email id and put on your user ID and password and click on SUBMIT.

Note: It is to be noted that once the login details sent to your email id, you will get an OTP and confirm your email. Once you click on to confirm your email, you will be prompted to enter your OTP and new password. Now, you need to login with your email ID as a User ID and your recently set password.

  • After, you have logged in with the details, you can see the “other services” option. Then, click on Update Vehicle Owner’s Mobile No.
  • Now, you can simply update your mobile number online by entering your Vehicle’s Reg. No., Chassis No., Engine No. and Your “New Mobile number”. Then, click on Generate OTP. Enter the OTP and you are successfully done.

To Conclude

So, you have now clearly understood the step by step guide to change/ update your mobile number online in Vehicle Registration or RC Book. These steps ease your way to update your mobile number from anywhere and anytime.

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