How To Expired Learners Licence Reissue | Renewal of Learner Licence

Expired Learners Licence Again ReIssue : You have learner licence and 6 month complete then you need to reissue learner licence. learner licence is very importance for permanent driving licence. you can apply for permanent driving licence before expire learner licence. learner licence valid 6 month. after 6 month you can apply for reissue learner licence. if your learne licence expire don’t worry, apply for reissue learner licence this process show in this post.

Now Day ,you can reissue your learner licence from home with help of You can start your renewal process from home by doing required step. This faceless licence renewal system is introduced by state MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS. Whenever Your Can Renew for Expired Learners Licence you Can Pay 150/- for Expired Learners Licence ReIssue.

If your Learner License is Expired, you do not need to worry about learner licence, no need to apply for new learner licence. I will guide you to step by step how to re-issue expired Learners License.

ReIssue Expired Learners License Process

  • In Learning Licence Menu >> Select Expired Learners Licence Again Issue Option
  • Then after Entering Your Learners License Number and Date Of Birth ( DOB)
  • Then After Goto to Next Level for OTP Verification in your Register Mobile Number
  • Now pay learner licence payment

How to Pay Online Payment for Expired Learners Licence ReIssue 

  • Now select menu to fees payment
  • Enter Your Learner License Application Number and Birth of Date

3. Pay LL Again Issue fees online Via Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking or UPI 

4. You Can Pay 150/- feesfor expired learners licence again issue.

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  • We Guide to Step by Step All Sarkari Online Services and Information. Our team is knowledgeable in Law and Government work such as a Driving Licence, Pan Card, Aadhar Card and etc.


  • Hi ,

    Can we renew Learner license before expiry. what is the process ?

  • After fees payment, do we need to visit to collect LL at RTO again.?

  • Hi,

    I have an expired learner’s license and I followed the procedure given above but the selection of RTO button is disabled after I verify my registered mobile number with OTP. So after verifying the mobile number it takes me to the pre filled form and then i submit the details, after that there is another page where I some pre filled form is there (may be form 1) but the RTO dropdown selection is not activated and I cannot select and therefore cannot proceed.

    Please assist .


    • refresh your browser or clear cache of browser and try again

      • I tried to clear cache and also tried in a different browser but the problem persists. It’s Delhi RTO Sarai Kale khan

        So the page says at the top in RED COLOR “Please fill form 1 details. If form 1 button is not available then please come from state selection page” and the dropdown of prefilled RTO should have DL-6 (Sarai kale khan) but its not there and the drop down is “greyed out” meaning I cannot do anything with it and when I click on submit the pop up says please select RTO. Regarding state selection page, I am selecting “Delhi” from drop down and then selecting the required option of “expired learner license, issue again” like mentioned in the post and following the steps.

        Please let me know if I am missing something

        • please send me screenshot

          • I am facing the same issue. Could you please help with this?

          • I am also facing the same issue. Has there be any solution?

          • I went to the RTO to sort the problem out but they said wait until 30th September and then see the page. After that I have tried to renew the license but now it asks for the fees (including test fees) so total 450 INR instead of 150 INR for renewal. And also the RTO itself is getting pre filled and coming to be different than what my RTO is. I don’t know whether to go for payment now or what?

      • Hi, i followed your procedure as my learning license expired. But its 5 days still application stage show – scrutnity(verification of document). Do i have to go to RTO for document verification.

        • yes, you need to go to rto office for verify your document.

    • Same issue pls provide some solution

    • Same problem, if u find some solution pls message

  • Hi,

    Firstly, I appreciate your help in replying to all our queries.
    Secondly, My question:

    My Learners License is expiring on 18th Sep 2021. And my Driving school instructor has booked a DL test for 22nd Sep 2021 at RTO Yelahanka, Bangalore. I am worried that since my LL would be expired by then, I wouldn’t be qualified for the DL Test.
    Can you please let me know if it’s possible to give a DL test after LL expiry? Would it be a problem?
    I read that all LL,DL expiry date has been extended for Sep 30th in Bangalore, Is it true?
    Please advice.

    • Depend on RTO office, some RTO allow them a test slot within a week even after expiry of their LL.

  • Hello sir my learning license is expired so want renew my learning license but i have not received payment option please help me

    • pay your application fees : parivahan website to main menu -> fee payment, enter your application number and birth date, show your application fees option.

  • For Renewal it is asking for 900 Rs rather than 150 I applied for lmv and motor cycle with gear

    • different class for different fess in parivahan

  • Hi,
    I have applied for LLR, 3years back but failed to complete DL test within time. Now i want to try again and unknowingly, i have applied for LLR(like first time , instaed of re-issue). is that a problem?


    • Do I need to give learners test again in the renewal process? Please let me know

      • not need

      • My learner is expired. When I enter it the message says that ‘cannot find in database’ pls help

  • Sir,
    My RTO is Jaunpur , UP.
    I’m continuously unable to book slot for DL test. As soon as I enter OTP it shows no slots available for next 90 days. I’m trying regular since last month but every time I failed to book slot. Can I get a test slot under quota LL about to expire??
    If yes when I can book that. Now my license is about to expire in next 118 days and no slots available for next 90 days. What should I do ??

  • After completing the online application for the renewal of an expired learner’s license, do we need to visit the nearest RTO to submit the documents physically?

  • After completing the online application for the renewal of an expired learner’s license, do we need to visit the nearest RTO for submitting the documents physically?

    • yes, you need to visit rto office

  • During the fee payment, an e-mail id is mentioned. I have lost the credentials to the email. Is there any requirement of the email after completing payment?

  • is there any need of email id, after fee payment of renewal learner’s license fee? Since I lost my credentials of email, and there is note “Email will be sent to this id” at payment section of portal.

  • hello sir,
    i want to apply for renewal of DL,but when I am trying to upload documents why it is asking me to upload lerner license??
    i don’t have Lerner license.

  • i did this already but it still shows expired.

  • While entering learner licence number and DOB, it says not found in database. Previous learners licence was made 5 years ago. What to do?

    • you will need to apply fresh learner licence

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