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Goa(GA) RTO List | RTO Number List with location in Goa

Goa RTO List : RTO number is given number by state wise and all rto office have unique number for vehicle register number. All state have different number for vehicle register number. Register number of vehicle given information such as a RTO location, vehicle information, owner name and etc. Goa RTO list, below list given information such as a All RTO office Code and RTO list in Goa. Register number is 8 digit code, first two digit is given state information, second two digit given RTO location information, last four digit given vehicle unique number. example is GA01-1234, GA is Goa state and 01 is RTO location Panji and 1234 is vehicle register number.

Goa (GA) RTO List | RTO office list in Goa

List of city with RTO code and transport department office code in Goa :

Goa RTO Code with Location

Panaji (North Goa district)GA-01PanajiGA-07
Margao (South Goa district)GA-02MargaoGA-08

Service provide at Goa RTO office

The following is a list of the applications you have submitted for driving licence in Goa RTO :

  • New Driving Licence
  • Driving licence application status
  • Renewal Of DL
  • Additional endorsement to DL
  • Change of address in DL
  • Issue of duplicate DL
  • Replacement of DL
  • Change of date of birth in DL
  • Change of name in DL
  • Change of biometrics in DL
  • International drivng licence
  • Vehicle related all services

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