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Haryana traffic police e challan generate by automatic surveillance by cctv camera entire all city in Haryana. if you break traffic rules then capture your photo by cctv camera and sent to e challan at your home. If you do not follow a traffic signal it will a fine of Rs. 1000. Before new Motor Vehicle Act, a fine of only Rs. 100-300 was charged for break light signal rules. Haryana traffic police e challan make payment online using parivahan website. Here in this article today we people are going to provide you all the information related to E Challan Haryana and pay your e challan online in Haryana.

Haryana traffic police challan

Haryana traffice police Challan is a payment which citizens of the country have to pay if they break any traffic rule as per the guidelines issued by the traffic department Haryana. Payment of Challan is facilitated through various options like Online Payment, PoS based payment through online portal or offline.

How to pay Haryana traffic police e challan ?

You want to pay your Haryana traffic police e challan then follow below process.

Step 1: First visit to parivahan website : https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/index/accused-challan

Step 2: After Then Vehical Owner Enter Details Like Challan Number or RC Number or DL Number and Click on Get Detail button to search the challan Details and Vehical Owner checks its e challan status.

 Haryana traffic police challan

Step 3: Click on the tick box and then Make Payment button.

Step 4: After you click on the Make Payment button. Screen show payment option.

Step 5: Select the Bank and Click on Pay button and redirect payment option after success your payment generate reference number. save this reference number for further reference.

Haryana traffic police Offences & Penalties

All Haryana traffic police penalties given below table.

Name of OffenceRegular FineSubsequent
Driving without Driving Licence500.00500.00
Driving with DL expired/DL not specific500.00500.00
Under age Driver w/o DL500.00500.00
Allowing unauthorized person to drive veh.1000.001000.00
Holding more than one DL100.00300.00
Learner driving w/o instructor with DL100.00300.00
Learner driving w/o displaying L Plates100.00300.00
Without Registration Certificate2000.005000.00
Road Tax not paid100.00300.00
Plying transport vehicle w/o Fitness2000.003000.00
Plying transport vehicle w/o /expired Permit2000.005000.00
Tractor – Trolley put to non agricultural commercial use2000.005000.00
Without Expired Third Party Insurance1000.001000.00
Failure to report change of address within prescribed period100.00300.00
Failure to report transfer of vehicle ownership within prescribed period100.00300.00
Violating air pollution stds1000.002000.00
Load projection violation1000.002000.00
Over loadingCourtCourt
Carrying more than seating capacity on RC300.00300.00
TSR/Taxi driver not adopting shortest route for journey/refusing to undertake or complete journey/chargingw/o fair meter100.00300.00
Carrying person/travelling on running board/top of Bonnet/Outside the body of vehicle100.00300.00
Obstruction of control of driver by passanger sitting/standing/placing any thing in front100.00300.00
Violation of no-entry u/s 115CourtCourt
Carrying explosive/inflammable/dangerous/substance likley to cause damage/injury to vehcile/passangers/public property100.00300.00
Violation of Rules for Carriage of Dangerous/Hazardous Goods1000.002000.00
Dangerous driving/abetment1000.002000.00
Dangerous mobile phone use while driving1000.002000.00
Driving fast/slower than national/local max/min speed limits/abetment400.001000.00
Drunken driving/abetmentCourtCourt
Driver mentally/physically unfit200.00500.00
Disobeying Police Orders500.00500.00
Disobeying signal of police officer regulating traffic100.00300.00
Failure to stop vehicle involved in accident on directions by SI or above in uniform500.00500.00
Violation of mandatory road signs100.00300.00
Violation of road making100.00300.00
Violation of Automation Traffic Control Signal Red light or Yellow(amber) light violation100.00300.00
Reversing more than necessary for turning/in a manner causing danger/inconvenience100.00300.00
Driving m.vehicle on cycle track/footpath100.00300.00
Front and rear light not switched on while driving from 1/2 hour after sunset till 1/2 hour before sunrise or whenever there is unsufficient light100.00300.00
Failing to lower headlight beam100.00300.00
Overtaking Violations100.00300.00
Dangerous U-turn/where U-turn prohibited/W/o proper signal100.00300.00
Wrong Side Driving/Entry/Turn/Crossing divided road/central verge where no proper crossing provided100.00300.00
Failing to yiend right-of-way100.00300.00
Lane change w/o signal/zigzag driving100.00300.00
Failure to make prescribed signal100.00300.00
Abrupt brake w/o suficient reason100.00300.00
Failure to keep safe distance100.00300.00
Wrong parking causing danger/obstruction/undue inconcenience100.00300.00
Removed by Towing100.00300.00
Obstructing flow of traffic by failing to remove disabled vehicle for _____HrsCourtCourt
Unattended Vehicle with engine running100.00300.00
Driver w/o helmet or Turban/Helmet not fastened/not of BIS Standards100.00300.00
Pillion Rider w/o Helmet100.00300.00
Triple Riding on 2-Wheeler100.00300.00
M/Cycle w/o rear-wheel-guard/permanent hand grip/footrest for pillon rider100.00300.00
Unauthorized use of red/blue beacon light100.00300.00
Use of dark tinted film/window glasses1000.002000.00
Unauthorised use of spot light/search light/dazzling light/ unnecssary use of fog light100.00300.00
Smoking while driving100.00300.00
Blowing pressure horn/multi tonned horn1000.002000.00
Blowing horn needlessly /continuously or in silence zone1000.002000.00
Silencer non-functional/vehicle creating undue noise/playing music at high pitch1000.002000.00
Failure to keep mandatory accessories100.00300.00
Driver not using seat belt100.00300.00
Front passanger w/o seat belt100.00300.00
W/o prescribed reflex reflectors1000.002000.00
Driving W/o Number Plate2000.005000.00
Number Plate not according to pattern/not legible/obscured100.00300.00
Unauthorized post-registeration alteration of vehicle engine/basic structure2000.005000.00
Using defective vehicle dangerous for others1000.002000.00
Towing for reason other than delivery/repair at workshop of disabled vehicle100.00300.00
Improper towing of disabled vehicle100.00300.00
School Bus violating direction of Hon’ble High Court100.00300.00

source of information : https://faridabad.haryanapolice.gov.in/RR_OffenceandPenlates

Using Online payment for Haryana Traffic Police Challan you can save your time and round for different Haryana Police Station. Government goal is easy to use and make payment system transparent.

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