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Renewal of Driving Licence in Delhi | DL Renew Delhi

Renewal of driving licence in Delhi is very easy process in Delhi. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is mandatory to have a driving license to drive a vehicle on the Indian roads. Driving licence is very importance document in Delhi you can not drive without driving licence or expire driving licence so you need to renewal your driving licence. Expire date of driving licence after your driving licence not valid. if you drive without driving licence then you will got heavy penalty. In this articles show how to renewal of driving licence in Delhi.

Driving Licence Renewal online in Delhi

It is important that your driving license is up to date and if it is not, you should apply for the renewal today itself. you will need to renew it, with in grace period. You will have to pay a higher fee if you do not renew in the grace period. Grace period is 30 day after your driving licence expire. An application for renewal shall be entertained not more than one month before the date of expiry of the licence. If the application is late for more than five years after the date of expiry of the licence, the applicant should undergo all the formalities to obtain a fresh licence. so you need to renewal driving licence in Delhi, it process show in this post.

Require document for renewal driving licence in Delhi

 For the renewal of Driving License one has to apply to the Licensing Authority along with the following documents:

  • Driving Licence.
  • Application Form No.2.
  • Form No.1 (Self-declaration as to the physical fitness for Non-Transport Vehicles)
  • Form No. 1A (Medical Certificate for Transport Vehicles only).
  • Fees as prescribed along with user charges

How to apply for Driving Licence Renewal in Delhi ?

If your driving license has expired and you need to Renew driving licence online in Delhi, follow below step :

Step 1 : Go to official parivahan website https://parivahan.gov.in/

Step 2 : Select menu to Driving Related Services

renew old driving licence

Step 2 : Now open new screen and Select your state

Step 3 : select from menu to renewal on DL

Step 4 : Now see instruction and Click on Continue

renew old driving licence

Step 6 : Fill this form and upload required data

  • Enter your Driving Licence Number(if your driving license not smart then first make smart driving licence)
  • Date of birth
  • Category of the Driving Licence Holder
  • Slect state
  • Select RTO or pincode

Step 7 : Now click on Proceed and show your driving licence and conform your details and select to renewal driving licence then generate acknowledgment, print this acknowledgment

You need to visit near RTO office or Transport Department office along with original driving licence, Form no.9, Medical certificate and three copies of passport size photographs, acknowledgment print.

Pay fees of renewal driving licence and submit your Application. after some day you got your new driving licence.

Application form for renewal of driving licence in Delhi

Here give details of application form for renewal driving licence and download it.

Form No.9 Download here

Form 1-A Download here

Form 6 Download here

Grace period for renewal of driving licence

Grace period is 30 day after your driving licence expire date. Driving licence expire after 20 year. You will have to pay a higher fee if you do not renew in the grace period. If the application for renewal is made previous to, or not more than 30 days after the date of expiry of the licence, the renewal will be made with effect from the date of its expiry. If the application is made more than 30 days after the date of expiry of the licence, the renewal will be made with effect from the date of receipt of proper application. In such cases a fee of Rs. 30/- will be realised.

Driving Licence fees in Delhi

If you want to smart card driving licence then additional fees Rs. 200. All driving Licence related fees show in below table.

Issue of learner’s licence in Form 3 for each class of vehicleRs. 150
Learner’s licence test fee or repeat test fee, as the case may beRs. 50
For test, or repeat test, as the case may be, 
of competence to drive (for each class of vehicle)
Rs. 300
Issue of a driving licenceRs. 200
Issue of International Driving PermitRs. 1000
Addition  of  another  class  of  vehicle  to driving licenceRs. 500
Endorsement or renewal of authorisation for 
vehicle carrying hazardous goods
Rs. 100
Renewal of driving licenceRs. 200
Renewal  of a  driving licence for  which application is made after the grace periodRs. 300
Note.:- Additional fee at the 
rate of one thousand rupees 
for delay of each year or 
part thereof reckoned from 
the date of expiry of the 
grace period shall be levied.
Issue or renewal of licence to a school or establishment
 for imparting instructions in driving
Rs. 10000
Issue of duplicate licence to a school or establishment 
for imparting instructions in driving
Rs. 5000
An appeal against the orders of
 licensing authority referred to in rule 29
Rs. 500
Any application for change in address or any other 
particulars recorded in the driving licence e.g. address etc.
Rs. 200


What is Grace period for renewal of driving licence in Delhi ?

Grace period is 30 day after your driving licence expire date. Driving licence expire aftre 20 year.

What is fees for Renewal Driving licence in Delhi ?

Fees of renewal driving licence is Rs. 200.

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  1. Hi,
    My duly completed application for renewal of driving licence in delhi and change of address within delhi was submitted on 11.12.21 through the parivahan sarthi website. Fees of Rs 600 was also paid through Bhim which was deducted from my bank. However, when i try to get the acknowledgment finally from the website, it says that process is not complete as payment is not made. Though payment portal says payment was successful.
    How to check whether there is any issue or process is complete? How many days it takes to deliver driving licence made in delhi at delhi address. Any further action on my part ?
    Could i be advised ?

  2. Please advise the pixal size of photo & of signature to upload when applying for renewal of DL in Delhi. Thanks

    1. image and signature photo size is 10kb to 20 kb only. Size of file should be between 10kb – 20kb, image size height 64px width 256px

  3. My son’s DL issued 27.05.2002 expiry 26.05.2022 currently abroad has requested me to fill up details for renewal of DL online. Request if same can be addressed on my email in steps format as I find his DL is NOT registered on line. His license number is P04052002305434. Thanks

  4. i had applied for renewal of my Licence no. DL0319960315273, thru VAHAN on 12.12.22, vide application no. 635411922, which is due to expire on 31.3.22.

    Till date the status is not informed. How should i proceed further?

    Pradeep Kumar Kakkar




  6. Hi Submitted my DL renewal application #1291792422 online and the status shows me as SUCCESS.
    However now confirmation page showing me message like “This is faceless/contactless application, No need to visit RTO / MLO office.”
    Just want to confirm do I really no need to visit RTO office or still needs to visite office, because I believe DL will post to the registered address.

  7. After submitting documents online and payment completed, in how many days does new DL arrive under DL renewal process?

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