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How To Cancel Learning License Application online

Cancel Learning Licence Application : Friends, today’s post will be very useful for you. Because we have applied online in Sarathi Parivahan many times. But in today’s post, I will teach you how to cancel our DL or LL application for some reason. You may have applied online to amend your driving license or driving license in Sarathi Parivan. If it is an application error or Mistake for any reason, you can cancel the application and re-apply online Sarthi Parivan.

Sarathi Pariwahan website is a very popular website. You can apply for DL (Driving Licensce)  & LL ( Learning License) using this website. This will allow you to apply the process for a driving license or Learning Licence, such as you can correction of a name change, an address change, and even a mobile number using an online Sarathi Parivahan website.

Cancel Learning Licence Application Step By step

Guide to cancel learner’s licence application online using Parivahan website, From the steps given below, we will learn that the application made online can be canceled.

Step 1: First you will open the official website of Sarathi Parivahan.


Step 2: You will then select your state

Step 3: Then a separate menu will appear on the top side of your screen. Clicking on the first other menu will open the submenu like 

Step 3: Select Cancel Application from the menu to submenu that appears.

cancel learner licence application

Step 4: Clicking on Cancel Application will open a new window. Enter your application number and birth date and click on the submit button…

Cancel Learning Licence Application

Step 5: There will be an OTP in your registered mobile number to cancel the application

Cancel Learning Licence Application

After Successfully to submit OTP, Your Application canceled show message

Cancel Learning Licence Application

After You Want New Application For Learning license Please read this post : How to apply driving licence ?

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  1. Thanks worked very well, your guidance made my day saved me alot of trouble from getting out of puzzles in this website “vaahan”

  2. my application is not cancelling website is showing that this application can not be cancelled what i have to do now.

  3. If i already have an DL of non gear vehicle and already apply for gear vehicle only and completed the task but not paid the fees now i wanted to apply for car also but I can’t add with the add on the vehicle its so that u can’t edit now soo if i cancel the application my whole data will erased or i have still that non gear vehicle DL still i have what should i do should cancel the application of that gear vehicle or not ??? Answe plsss …

  4. After much search, I found this useful information. Thanks for sharing. It saved my visit to RTO

  5. Thank you.Been looking for ways to edit info after submission of form.
    They have no provision for that.Wanted to cancel the application and was struggling to find even that information.

  6. Dear,I want to cancel my llr appplication,and i go through process.but my application cancellation failed.i tried so many times result was cancellation failed..and i call customer care so many times ..but not no one is lifting…and no response. what should I do??pls reply

  7. I submitted file for renewal of my Heavy DL. Website took the old Application no. when I applied for the fresh licence in 2018. Now it’s not taking my license details. As it’s showing that it’s 4 years old. How get my application no. Updated? If i cancel my application no. Will it cancel my heavy Licence as well?

  8. I applied for renewal on 23 May 2022. My Heavy Driver Licence expired on 11 April 2021 (was valid for 3 years) and we get extra time period of 3 years for renewal after expiry date. Application no. Is showing of 11 April 2018. And fees is deducted according to that application no. i.e. 2380/-

  9. given mobile number is already used for more than 3 applications SO LL APPOINTMENT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS APPLICATION

  10. given mobile number is already used for more than 3 applications SO LL APPOINTMENT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS APPLICATION vfff

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