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How to check Punjab Ration Card List Online ?

Punjab Ration Card List : Ration card very easy to make online in Punjab. Ration card is a very important document and through the ration card, the government of the state provides essential commodities to the citizens at a low price. How you can see the list of ration card online in Punjab sitting at home and know whether your ration card is made or not, we all know that without ration card, no work is possible, so now we will tell you how You can see your name in the ration card list. Ration card make online and check ration card list status online using epds official website of Punjab Government. Through Punjab Ration Card, citizens can avail essential commodities like rice, grains, sugar, etc. at very low cost. Apart from this, citizens can get benefit of various government schemes through ration cards.

Punjab Ration Card List

The main objective of the government to provide ration cards is to provide essential items like food grains, ata and pulses to the poor people at a very low cost. So that they do not depend on others for basic needs.

Benefits of Punjab Ration Card

  • See your ration card online from home.
  • Get rations in low price
  • Each member gets five kg of wheat per month

How to Check your name online in Punjab Ration card list

If you want to check ration card list in Punjab then first of all, you have to go to the official website of food civil supplies Government of Punjab.

punjab ration card list
  • Now scroll the page and find “Ration card search (aadhar)”, click on it
ration card search
  • Open a new page and ask to enter captcha: Enter and click on the Verify button
  • Now enter your Aadhaar number and click on the View Report button and check your ration card
  • In the page that opens, you will get all the information related to your ration card.

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