I already have 2 wheelers license in india. Now I want to obtain a 4 wheeler license as well. How can I add a class to existing license?

I already have 2 wheelers license in India. Now I want to obtain a 4 wheeler license as well, we guide to all step how to add another class in your license.

The procedure is quite simple and I personally would not suggest you to go through any agent if you’re confident about your driving

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Add new class to existing license step by step

Add new class to existing license
  1. Go to Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India
  2. Choose Sarathi services.
  3. Apply for learner’s license.
  4. Select the option for existing DL. Enter your driving license number and then fill-up the form.
  5. After filling up the form you need to upload the required documents. (When a document contains two or more pages e.g. aadhar, club it in a pdf, else jpg works fine)
  6. Now you can either pay the fees online or do it offline by visiting the RTO. I would suggest to pay it offline because any way you do, you’ve to get a hard copy of the challan. Paying it offline you get it for free, not just saving Rs 5. There’s another reason too.
  7. So after uploading the documents, you need to take print out of the acknowledgement form and the other form and along with those attach xerox of all the documents you uploaded.
  8. Visit the RTO.
  9. Go to an officer in charge for scrutiny of documents.
  10. After he scrutinizes your application, pay the fees there.
  11. Go get your biometrics done.
  12. You don’t need to sit for LL test this time, you just have to submit the form in the MVI room and wait.
  13. After a few days a sms will come to your mobile number (which you’ve provided in the application) that your learners license has been processed and you can go and collect it.
  14. Visit the RTO. Take the LL and wait for 30 days.
  15. On completion of 30 days once again they’ll text you that you’re now eligible to fill the DL form.
  16. Go to parivahan then select sarathi then select your state.
  17. Click on Services on Driving License. Enter your DL number and DOB.
  18. Choose additional endorsement on driving license (AEDL). It’ll automaticallyshow you the existing LL. Tick on it and proceed.
  19. Upload your LL and existing DL.
  20. Pay the fees online this time and book slot.
  21. Visit the RTO on the selected date before time.
  22. Go to an officer for scrutiny of documents.
  23. Give the test.
  24. After qualifying, submit the form in MVI room. They’ll text you when your DL is ready and you can then go and collect it.

if any question about I already have 2 wheelers license in india. Now I want to obtain a 4 wheeler license as well. please comment

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  • Date : 29 sept 2020

    I have tried to apply for LL for LMV it will Automatically taking the AEDL option as well in the first application itself. And shoes the combined fees(1150/-).

    Should I go ahead and submit the form. ( I guess then after I don’t have to apply for (add class). )

    I suppose they might have some software upgrade and this feature is added in it.

    Please guide me.

    • sure , we guide you step by step

      • Thanks for the reply but i think we missed the actual question.
        Should I go ahead and submit the form ? (With both LL and AEDL in one application)

        Or i am doing something wrong ?

        • yes, you can add one or more category in on application

  • Ok. So I’ve got my 2 wheeler LLR and I’m trying to apply for DL but now i want to apply for 4 wheeler too. So should i again give LLR but this time should i select only for 4 wheeler or for both 4 and 2 as somehow i would be applying for 2 wheeler DL. Should i seperately go through the process of LLR & Dl for car or should i give test again for both 2 and 4 wheeler so that i could aave money?!?

  • Hi Sir,

    I already have a license with two wheeler , i have got my llr now for 4 wheeler.its been only 15 days from llr. i am trying to add aedl and apply for driving licens ebut its showing error as llr not in system. should i wait for 30 days to complete my llr and then apply aedl or what is the procedure

    • yes, you wait 30 day after apply for slot book for driving test

  • I have a 2 wheeler licence from Maharashtra and now want to apply for Learning Licence (for 4 wheeler) from Karnataka. I tried applying through online portal but it says my existing DL is not from the current state and need to change the address. My permanent address is of Mumbai. How do I apply?

    • first change your address in your driving licence after you can apply to 4 wheeler licence

  • docoments types are not available show

    • which type document ?

  • Sir,

    I have applied for 4wheeler LL & DL .LL was issued however since i had already two wheeler license, the application got rejected. Now when i try to apply for AEDL, not able to find 4 wheeler option to select 4 wheeler LLR. Can i use the existing LLR to apply for DL. Please advise me.

    • if you have LLR then appointment for DL or if you have two wheel licence but not a have LLR then first apply for LLR with driving licence option select and you take your LLR at RTO after 30 day, go to sarthi website and Click on Services on Driving License. Enter your DL number and DOB.
      Choose additional endorsement on driving license (AEDL) add class LMV Light Motor Vehicle (Car) more step show in above post.

    • I already had 2 wheeler dl then I applied and got my LL(LMV). But now after choosing additional endorsement on driving license, in documents uploading section its asking to upload form 1A(medical certificate) along with LL and DL.

  • all information mention this post

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