How to Solved Payment Status Pending in Sarathi Parivahan

Sarathi Parivahan Payment Status Pending: Friends, this post is for people who are having trouble paying for a learning license and driving license. Sometimes even after the payment has been deducted(Debit) from your bank account, the payment is still pending so you don’t have to worry. You will receive your payment receipt on the Sarathi Parivahan website. learning license or Driving license payment receipt download easy after verification of payment status.

Friends, you know that by sarthi parivahan sewa Online payment facility is maintained but while making the online payment you know sometimes your payment is pending. Payment can be made through through AMT (Debit Card / Credit Card), Internet Banking, or UPI(phone pay,gpay, Bhim).driving licence or learner licence payment failed for some following reasons.

The following is a list of all the reasons for payment status pending in sarathi parivahan

  1. You need to have internet speed when you are processing online payment for llr payment or Dl payment Due to the law of internet speed, llr payment and Dl payment are pending
  2. Shows payment status pending due to insufficient payment in your AMT (Debit Card / Credit Card) or Internet Banking Facility before making payment
  3. Always use a secure browser so that payment pending insects do not remain

How to Print Solved Pending Payment Receipt by Following Steps

  • The Verified Payment Status menu appears on under Fee Payment menu.
  • Enter Your’s Application Number and BirthDate(DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Enter Auto-Generated captcha code by Sarathi parivahan in the corresponding field.
  • Click the “Verify” button.

Note: Friends, there is no need to be afraid if the payment goes pending after several times of payment verification. You have to wait 12 hours and then process the payment verification again.

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  • But I haven’t received any challan to pay the amount. What to do? It shows pending and nothing can be done.

    • Same here since 17th Dec. Payment gateway link did not open and is stuck at pending payment. No faqs or support available

      • Cancel

        • I am also facing the same problem, unable to make pament. Payment gateway does not open

  • I faced payment gateway error and the status is pending for a week. What to do?

    • please visit near RTO

      • Hi sir , my LL payment paid but payment status not show

        • Plz hep me my Payment failed

  • Money was deducted or debited from my account but status shows failed. What to do?

    • please visit your near RTO and ask them, RTO employ Solve your problem

      • Money was deducted or debited from my account but status shows failed. What to do?

        • wait 24 hrs for refund if not credit to your account then visit near RTO and ask them.

  • Hi Sir,

    My payment was successful and status on payment status window is success but it ‘pending’ on application status window since long time. I need to book the slot for re-test but system does not allow and through the error – ‘previous flows need to be completed for slot booking’ as the application payment status is still pending.

    Please help and let me how I can resolve this problem.

    • you must visit RTO office and rto employ resolve your issue
      if have other question please post here
      we help to solve your problem

      • Hlo sir
        I applied for permanent driving licence and payment was paid through online debit card and it would deduct from account but it has been show payment status pending and i went to rto office thwy said it is error from main site we cn’t do anyhthig u have to wait. Kindly tell me what can i do in this situation

        • waiting some day

  • My payment status is pending after 8 days .while my acct is not refunded….how to find solution ..please give me sir ..

    • this problem common, you need to visit RTO office and ask to administrator they solve your problem. they refresh your payment status.
      if you have other question please post here
      our community help to solve your problem
      thank you

  • Dear,sir my payment is panding how solved

    • you must visit rto office and ask them to solve your payment status problem.

    • आदरणीय श्रीमान मेरा भुगतान पेंडिंग है इसलिए कि मुझे ओटीपी प्राप्त नहीं हुई और पेमेंट भी नहीं हुआ ऐसी स्थिति में पेंडिंग स्टेटस को कैसे रिसेट किया जाए.

      • please visit your rto, they solve your problem

  • My payment is deducted from account but on saarthi site it shows transaction failed. I didn’t get the refund after 2 days. Will I get the refund? Please reply

  • My payment is deducted from account but on PARIVAHAN site it shows transaction failed. I didn’t get the refund

  • My payment is deducted from account but on saarthi site it shows transaction failed. I didn’t get the refund


  • My payment done, I have received the payment slip. But status is showing payment not done, eto is not helping anything. Please resolve if known

    • you need to visit RTO office and ask them

    • Payment is double payment problem

  • havent received the application number itself other than that i have transaction details, bank ref, payment is etc

  • I am not able to see the option to pay with Credit Card. Only see Debit card pay option. Please advise how can I pay with Credit Card for Renewal of my driver license

  • Hi all

    I am facing the same problem for my DL renewal. Online payment made.Deducted from my account but status shows pending even after 4 days.(when I select transcation an other window opens and say status as success and bank ref also shows. While print receipt option says payment not received) When we ask RTO staff they says to cancel application and file a new one. So I need to forget my payment. Is there any other way to resolve this.

    • Sir did your issue got resolved if yes please help me how because I am also facing same problem.
      Please help me as early as possible

  • Rs 1500 Payment was deducted from my account for renewing my DL but application no. Was not shown.I got a mail from one SP consultancy services that more documants may be called for.Itmaytske up to 15 days. It’s more than no intimation came. This consultancy is not replying to my mails and I don’t know my application number.

  • My payment pending 350 L license refund sir

    • please go to your RTO office

      • Can we slove problem by email

      • I have done payment day before yesterday for new license, it showed me still pending what should I do?

  • I paid 1000/- for my DL application but I failed the test, so i booked a slot again for retest, but When i tried to pay the retest fee, no amount was deducted and the payment status shows pending, I has been more than 9 days. I contacted the RTO office and they said that I have to cancel the application and apply again. But in cancellation of application, the websites says that no refund will be granted for prev payments made.
    So, let me make this clear, the website says that it shows pending because the bank hasn’t responded. But then again If the bank won’t respond in 10 days then when will it respond. And the gov. has no right to take my Rs. 1000/-. Fist they put a shitty payment system so that they can eat our money. Nice . I guess the revenue from huge tax on petrol is not enough. So they have to do this or they simply so cheap to not fix payment issues. They say that the banks have not responded but let me check other platforms like amazon or any online merchant, how the fk the banks are so effective in making those payment. Its the gov. system that is in fault not banks

    • don’t worry, please visit your RTO office with payment transaction ID they solve payment status pending problem

    • same problem….
      what did you do?

  • Sir, My payment status showing ‘Pending’, And when I select the payment It shows that ‘Sorry..! We are unable to process your Request now. Please try after Sometime’..
    I am unable to pay the fees as there is no option for paying again.
    Please help me out from this……..

    • you need to visit rto office

      • Hi sir Im facing same issue
        While checking verify payment status showing ” unable to connect bank server”
        But payment done from bank site
        I used internet banking

        Can you please help
        And which gate way using for internet banking in sarathi parivahan

    • did you got sir?even i have the same

  • did you got sir?even i have the same

  • I have waited for more than 12 hours yet it’s showing payment pending. What should I do?

    • if your payment showing pending status then you need to visit rto office and ask them, they solve your issue

    • Hi sir my transaction (retest)was unsuccessful but money got debited.
      What to do now ?

  • Hi sir my transaction (retest)was unsuccessful but money got debited. Waited for 10 days. Went to rto yesterday they said they have no counter for this. What can i do now?

    • visit RTO office and ask them

  • i have done this multiple times but the issue is not resolved what can i do now?

    • if your payment status show pending then you must need to visit your RTO office and ask them, they will solve.

  • while paying the fees, my OTP was delayed for a long time. Again when I tried for paying the fees it shows payment status as “PENDING”. Using Verify fee status option error Message is “Server connection failed,Please wait for 15 minutes and proceed with VERIFY PAY STATUS”. Waited for 48 hrs. What to do?

    • If your payment status show pending, go to your RTO office and tell them. They will refresh so the status will change

  • Sir, it’s showing payment failed

    • I am trying to pay for renewal of DL.
      But when it comes to the payment I get a message “Sorry..! We are unable to process your Request now. Please try after Sometime”
      This has been going on for the last 4 days. Have tried at different times and from different devices and computers but getting the same error.
      Please advice

      • if you got same error then need to visit your RTO office

      • Whether you got any solution? I am facing the same propblem.


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